A Basic Groom Checklist – 5 Ways To Help With Your Wedding

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A Basic Groom Checklist – 5 Ways To Help With Your Wedding

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As the groom, you may be nervous, excited, and even a bit overwhelmed by all of this wedding planning business. 

But one interesting thing about wedding planning culture in our society is that it has shifted a lot over the past 20-ish years. 

It used to be that the bride, her sisters, her friends, her mother, and even her future mother-in-law (along with the other women of the family) did the majority of the wedding planning. 

However, this trend has definitely changed over the last couple of decades. 

Nowadays, grooms are taking a more active role in the planning process—and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this. 

Grooms bring a lot to the table and have a lot to offer in the wedding planning process. 

And in this post, we’re going to go over a basic checklist of things that you can do to help your bride-to-be plan the perfect wedding that you can both feel amazing about as your special day approaches.

Let’s dive into it.

1. Get Involved In The Planning Process

As a man, you may be thinking to yourself:

“Does my soon-to-be bride really even want me involved in planning the wedding?”

And the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

So the first item on the checklist is to throw yourself into the process with as much enthusiasm and optimism as you can muster. 

  • Make yourself available for important planning occasions. 
  • Show up to important planning appointments and functions. 
  • Show her that you’re committed to making this day the best it can be.

She’ll appreciate the support, and she’ll appreciate your input—probably a lot more than you realize.  

2. Run Those Errands

As the wedding day approaches, a lot of stuff is going to need to get done. 

And some of these things are just going to straight up take a lot of time

You may need to run errands, pick things up, drop things off, help solve last minute problems, and see to last-minute details. 

Some of these things will require the bride’s immediate attention—but some of them will fall perfectly within the scope of your ability as the groom. 

So make yourself available (especially as you get closer to the wedding day) to perform some of this legwork. 

Trust us. Your bride-to-be will be eternally grateful for the assistance.

3. Be A Line Of Communication To Your Side Of The Family

Communicating with the family can be tricky. 

This is especially true if your bride-to-be isn’t super connected to them on a regular basis.

Taking up the role of communicating important wedding information to your side of the family will likely be a great help and asset to your bride as she works to plan the perfect day. 

Think of yourself as a sort of ambassador or emissary. 

Hey—it’s an important job! 

4. Be Proactive About Your Wardrobe Ensemble

As a groom, it’s in your best interest to take an active role in selecting the perfect tuxedo.

This includes to-do list items like:

  • Choosing accent colors 
  • Choosing the style
  • Choosing whether you’ll wear a bow tie or a necktie
  • Selecting the shoe style
  • Choosing accessories

Sure, your bride can offer her input on these things. 

However, it’s always a great idea to make sure that you are spearheading this part of the planning process. 


Well first of all, because you’re the one who’s going to be wearing the tux

Secondly, trust us… 

Once again, your soon-to-be wife will be thankful for the extra help. 

This is a big process. 

She’s probably already pushed to the max with decision fatigue. 

Taking this item off of her plate will be a massive help. 

5. Take Full Responsibility For The Groomsmen

Communicating with your groomsmen is an important part of the wedding process as well. 

These are the men who’ll stand alongside you at the altar as you exchange vows. 

With that being said, they’ll also need to be organized for the occasion—and sometimes this can be a little bit like herding cats. 

Your bride certainly isn’t going to have the time, energy, or bandwidth for such a task.

Therefore, as the groom, it’s going to be your responsibility to make sure that this important task is seen to.


There you have it. 

Our top 5 tips for putting together a basic groom checklist. 

If you utilize all of these tips to help your bride-to-be in planning your big day, you’ll be certain to earn some pretty major points. 

But even more importantly, you’ll be supporting her in the wedding planning process in a proactive and meaningful way. 

So men—get out there and make it happen. 

You’ve got this.

And don’t forget to stop by to get yourself measured and outfitted for the perfect tux for your big day.