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As it turns out, there are basically three different schools of thought regarding the question of wearing brown or tan tuxedos for a fall wedding. 

On one hand, the majority of ‘wedding experts’ will tell you that, yes—these types of colors (colors that deviate from the traditional black coat and white shirt tuxedo style) absolutely have a place in certain types of weddings. 

And a lot of people who hold this opinion will probably also maintain the ideology that you should make your wedding as personal and as unique as you want it to be—even if doing so goes a bit against ‘traditional’ black-tie standards. 

Then, there are the purists. They may warn against such color switch-ups, basically stating that any wedding done with a brown or tan tux could be made better by switching over to a traditional ‘black’ ensemble and refining the ‘elegance’ factor by a few degrees. 

And then, there are those who fall somewhere in between–and their message will be something like this:

Yes, you can definitely wear a brown or tan tux for your wedding. Just make sure that it’s done tastefully. This is your big day—a day that’ll be memorialized and eternalized with high-quality photographs and 4k videography until the end of time. So whatever you choose to do, for goodness sake—just make sure that you do it well!

Well, we’ll be honest with you. 

Our ideology here tends to fall somewhere close to:

Do what you want, and make it look as awesome as possible! 

So today, we’re going to share our 3 favorite tips for how to incorporate brown and/or tan tuxedo colors into a beautiful fall wedding. 

1. Think About The Overall Theme

Brides.com maintains that different colored tuxes work well for autumn weddings—and we tend to agree. 

Here’s exactly what they say:

“Suits in rich tones like emerald green, burgundy, brown, charcoal, navy, and black are always a fitting choice for an autumn wedding.”

But here’s the thing. 

As an isolated one-off color difference, a brown or tan tuxedo might stand out a bit if nothing else is shifting toward a ‘fall’ look. 

So make sure to think about the overall theme, and to choose a tuxedo based on the fact that it should act as one of the center points of that theme. If anything, the tux should be one of the elements that help to bring everything together. 

2. Take The ‘Formality Level’ Into Account

Sometimes, the ‘purist’ idea of an entirely formal wedding just won’t fit into your vision of how you want your special day to look. 

And it’s important to allow yourself to experiment with the idea of taking a less-formal approach (if such an idea strikes your fancy). 

For example, Bespoke Unit states that less formal colors like grey, blue, olive, and brown can work quite well as wedding attire—and they also make a point to note the ‘formality level’ of the event. 

“The beauty of a wedding is that you don’t have to wear your staid navy blue suit if you don’t want to. This is an opportunity to have a bit of fun, especially if you have a closet full of navy and grey that you wear to work.”

Now, in fairness—what they’re describing here is attire for someone attending a wedding—which is different from playing the role of the all-important groom. 

But–the idea still rings true that if you don’t want to be stuck in the ‘box’ of wearing a traditional black tuxedo—then maybe you should expand the possibilities and discuss the idea of a ‘less formal’ wedding with your bride-to-be. 

You never know—she may be secretly thinking the same thing, and may not be saying anything because she’s not sure if you’d like the idea or not. 

3. Do What Makes You Happy

As a general rule, when it comes to your own wedding, you should usually listen to your instincts. 

Hey—if a brown or tan tuxedo just seems to fit better with the idea of a fall theme—then by all means, go for it. 

Don’t let some kind of ‘purist status quo’ dictate the way you want to plan your own wedding day. 

This is a day for you and your bride—and you have the freedom to make it as unique as you want. 

So don’t shy away from at least considering the possibility of an alternative style option. 

It may turn out to be the best move!


We here at Karl’s Tuxedos are all about the business of helping you to choose the best tuxedo possible. 

And if that means helping you find the perfect brown or tan tux—we’d love to help. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions, or stop by to check in. 

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