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As a man who’s getting ready for his big day, there’s doubtlessly going to be some ‘pressure’ for you to bring some inspiration for the wedding to the table. 

Gentlemen, it’s a tale as old as time. 

You meet a woman. You fall for her. You ask her out. One thing leads to another—and before you know it, you’re down on your knee asking for her hand. 

She says yes. 

You set a date. 

Then, not two months later, she’s asking you all kinds of very pointed questions

She’s asking you things like…

  • What do you think of these flowers?
  • What do you think the theme of the wedding should be?
  • Do you think the bridesmaids should have matching dresses?

And guess what? 

If you’re like most men, you may tend to go blank on some of these questions. 

Hey—guys are simple. 

You love this woman, and you want to marry her! And if you’re being honest, you probably don’t feel like all of the details need to be perfect in order to make your ‘special day’ a dream come true. 

But we’re going to let you in on a little secret. 

She wants you to be excited about planning the wedding too!

Therefore, it’s always in your best interest to jump into the process with some vitality, energy, and gusto. 

This is, after all, the big day the two of you have been looking forward to. 

This is the time to show her that you’re in love with being in love with her

And part of that process means that she’s going to want you to have some awesome, exciting spring wedding ideas of your own to bring to the planning table (even if those ideas eventually get vetoed by the all-powerful bride banhammer). 

So in this post, you’re going to learn 6 original and unique tips of your own, to give you something inspiring to bring to the table when the time comes to show her that you’re in it to win it with the wedding-planning process

Let’s dive in. 

Tip #1: Find A Spring Wedding Theme

Proposing a theme for the wedding is a great way to get involved. 

Need some help choosing a spring theme? Check out this list of modern spring themes

Tip #2: Find Some Design Ideas That You Like

From flowers, to decor, to outfits—coming up with spring wedding design ideas is a great way to not only partake of the wedding-planning festivities, but to also inject a bit of your own personality into the process as well. 

Need some ideas to help get you started? Check out this post by It contains an entire list of sweet spring wedding ideas. 

Tip #3: Find The Perfect Tux

This might be the most important part of the process for you!

Finding the perfect tuxedo is a huge part of the larger wedding ensemble. 

It matters!

Browse some of our best designs right here on our Karl’s Tuxedos website. You can also stop in, shop around, and talk to us about your ideas. We’ll help you to sort it all out so that you can bring a fresh batch of tuxedo ideas back to your next wedding-planning session. 

Tip #4: Assemble A List Of Venues

Assembling a list of venues will actually be really important. And guess what? If you take the initiative on this, odds are good that she’ll breathe a sigh of relief at knowing that it’s been taken care of. 

If you’re not sure how to start, do an internet search for ‘wedding venues near me.’ But you can also stop by and let us help you with this. We’ve built up our own list of local venues over the years! 

Tip #5: Appreciate Her Ideas

Here’s the thing. 

As a man, you’re probably really excited about this wedding. 

But never forget—your soon-to-be other half has been planning for this day since she was a little girl!

So when she comes up with a great idea, make sure to let her know that you appreciate her enthusiasm and that her attention to detail never goes unnoticed. 

Then, take her out to dinner. 

She deserves it for all of this hard wedding-planning work! 

Tip #6: Take The Lead On The Vows

This is another crucial part of the process that’ll depend heavily upon your contribution. 

Will you use traditional vows, or will you be writing your own?

This is a great question to ask—so be ready to discuss it (and to weigh in with your honest opinion) when it comes up during the planning process. 

Need some help writing the perfect vows? Check out this post by for some inspiration. 

In Conclusion

These tips should get you started on the path to helping your bride-to-be with all of the exhaustive, important details of spring wedding planning. 

Of course, every wedding is different—so don’t be afraid to break away from tradition to make it truly your own. 

And don’t forget—if you need some assistance or inspiration, we are here to help. 

Let’s make this festive event a day to remember forever!