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With the 4th of July (Independence Day) right around the corner, you (a very excited groom-to-be) may be putting some serious thought into whether or not to weave the patriotic colors (red, white, and blue) into your wedding decoration themes. 

You may also be wondering how to do this without making it tacky!

These are very reasonable questions—but rest assured that there are plenty of ways to utilize this color scheme in your wedding in a manner that won’t feel ‘over the top’ or ‘out of place.’ 

If the armed forces are a part of your family’s lineage (or that of your bride-to-be’s), and/or if you come from a long line of police officer service members—then this may be especially pertinent.  

But even beyond these things—if patriotism and paying homage to our great nation are important to you, and if you really want to make this a part of your July wedding celebration—then we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind as you break out the wedding planner book and prepare for a patriotic-themed wedding day. 

1. Go Easy on the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ Colors

Holding a wedding celebration that’s decorated with reds, whites, and blues doesn’t have to mean ‘super’ red, white, and blue! 

It could, for example, mean going mostly white with subtle red and blue accents as supporting colors. 

This is a lot different from making all three colors ‘equal’ as you decorate. This, by contrast, could very well lead to a color palette that’s just too much on the eyes—that goes in too many distracting directions at once. 

2. ‘Patriotic’ Can Be a Secondary Theme

One of the primary fears about using red, white, and blue to decorate for the wedding is that this color scheme will appear ‘political,’ and look more like a presidential campaign rally than a romantic wedding. 

For this reason, you may want to use the ‘patriotic’ theme as a secondary—and choose ‘traditional,’ ‘elegant,’ or ‘luxurious’ as a primary descriptor for how you want your wedding to look. 

By this logic, you can pretty much do all of your shopping for white decorations that fit under one of those labels. Then, you can add your favorite accent pieces to complete the look and bring all the patriotic colors together. 

3. Need Some Inspiration? Consult Pinterest

You really can’t go wrong by looking to Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Just visit the site, type in your search query (for example, ‘patriotic wedding theme’), and see what comes up. 

You might be surprised by the wealth of different ideas you can find. 

Pinterest is an excellent community for helping people to find inspiration and creative ideas for weddings. 

4. Reflect Your Patriotic Theme Subtly in Your Tuxedo  

You don’t need to go all-out and dress like Uncle Sam for your wedding! 

You can still stick with an ‘elegant’ wedding theme while paying homage to the patriotic color scheme. 

For example, you can wear a traditional black tuxedo—but choose a red or blue bow tie.

This subtle color scheme change can really make the look ‘pop’ without going to tacky extremes. 

You could even take this to a more ‘conservative’ level by choosing a dark red or dark blue tie. 

This will blend in and look a lot more elegant than a brightly colored red or blue option. 

You can also incorporate your boutonniere into the color scheme as well. 

With a white shirt, a dark blue bow tie, and a red boutonniere—you’ll represent all of the colors, but you’ll be doing so in a manner that isn’t ‘over the top.’ 


Of course, you can always feel free to crank up the ‘patriotism’ meter a little bit more, to suit your taste. 

But as a general rule, these are some of our favorite tips for weaving red, white, and blue into the color scheme for any wedding. 

Need a bit of extra help?

Consider stopping in for a brainstorming session. 

We’d love to help you make your special day a perfect blend of ‘patriotic’ and ‘romantic.’ 

Plus, your bride-to-be will thank you for taking such a keen interest in the decoration choices. 

You’re off to a great start. 

You’ve got this!